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This is long but worth the read if you are struggling with osteomyelitis. (25 minutes)

I had maxiallary osteomyletitis but you may find this helpful regardless. I used western medicine but took a lot of my health into my own hands. When you look at the re-occurance rate post -op it is not good. I wanted to avoid those odds. Did I completely? Probably not but I did avaoid having a large piece of face removed which is pretty good in my books.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am definitely not your doctor. Below is a description of a list of things I did and things I wish I would’ve done sooner. It’s what I did under doctor supervision. This should not be taken as advice but as a different experience. Whatever you decide to take from this please consult a medical professional first.
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breakdownsOn April 16th, which also just happened to be my birthday :), I got to be part of a regular online radio talk show with the insightful Suzanne Hanna.



Our topic of discussion was “Breakdowns Lead to Breakthroughs”.

This was a topic important to me because it was when I was at my worst that I realized that I really clued into the fact that I want to do things differently.

During our discussion one thing that came up for me was that even though you can be incredibly grateful (to be alive, to get diagnosed, to have your family) you can still feel horrible and miserable. In a Venn diagram these items heavily overlap!

Another really interesting line of discussion we took was the idea of non-negotiable tasks. When I was in the thick of it I made a huge list of non-negotiable things. Whenever I become unwell I bring them all back.

Making your health non-negotiable takes the stress out of it. Don’t feel like going for that walk? Doesn’t matter it’s not up for discussion. Not sure if you should go stay later or go home and go to bed? Again, it’s not up for discussion. (I’ve mentioned in a previous post about what happens when I don’t follow them)

My non-negotiables change. And so they should. When I had the bone infection I needed to do different things then when my stomach is upset or when I am perfectly healthy.

Here’s the interview! I was pretty nervous but I think you will enjoy it!

Click Here to listen to me talk with Suzanne Hanna

Let me know if you have any non-negotiable in the comments below.

Be Happy. Be Wealthy. Be Wise.

Liana xo




I’m a Published Author!


Born For This! The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business

The book is here!

I have wanted to be author for quite some time.

I always thought that it would be too hard, too complicated and that I wouldn’t be able to write something was interesting.

This past summer I started thinking that I should find a way to write a book. I had no idea what to do or how this could even happen but I knew that I would find a way to make it happen. I started thinking that maybe the best way for me to do this would be to do a book anthology. I would still get to be part of a great book but wouldn’t be overwhelmed with figuring out how to get it all together myself.

When you know really want something your brain becomes trained to look out for it!

At the end of September someone posted on a Facebook group that I’m a part of that they had a friend that was looking for a couple more people to contribute to a book anthology. I had a skype meeting with the compiler, Lillian Ogbogoh, in London. We had a great talk and I knew I could write a great chapter for the book.

KAPOW! I was going to be an author!

I got started on my chapter right away and it was a good thing too. My chapter was due just 2 weeks later!

It all happened very fast and it’s all very exciting. It feels great to be part of a project that was not only fun to contribute to but could help inspire many people.

If you decide you’d like to buy the book please keep the receipt and send it to me.

I will be making a program about goal setting that will be coming out sometime in May.  From now until then I launch it I will send it out to you for free once it’s complete.

You can click here to get the book.

Thanks for all your support!





Eating to Avoid Illness

Eating to avoid illnessThis is for anyone who has struggled with the diet and lifestyle changes that one needs to make due to chronic illness, sensitivity, allergy or weight-loss . I wrote this just after Christmas and when I was feeling particularly sick.

Eating to Avoid Illness

It’s days like this that I remember why I do all the things I do. [click to continue…]


crop mark

Mark almost had his arm ripped off. He lived to tell the tale and   was kind enough to share his incredible story with me so that I could share it with all of you!


Mark believes in sharing his story so that he can help as many people as possible.

Here are the main things I got out of speaking with him.

1. Everyone can go through periods of depression but finding what really makes you excited about life can help pull you out of it.
2. Take care of yourself. We aren’t invincible. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks that could cost us our health or life.
3. Don’t believe in the negative self talk. You might feel like your life is doomed but it will only stay that way if you keep believing it.

Now, this is a long one so settle in …but it’s good!

mark and finacee

Mark and his Fiancee

Thanks again Mark!

The Story of How Mark’s Life Changed Forever

Dreading the next two weeks Mark gets into his car to head to work. [click to continue…]


I watched the documentary ‘Hungry For Change’ for the first time last year. It was one of the many things I watched when I was sick. This movie inspired me to make huge changes and although I’m no longer committed to all the changes that I made I know that I can go back to them should I need to.

I love this video!

Anyone looking to make changes to their health should take the time in the next couple days to watch it because until Sunday, November 2nd you can watch it for FREE!. Click on the link below to see it but first….

Check out the trailer!

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I am sooooooo excited!cover art 1

I have been offered an opportunity to be a co-author of a book anthology!

The book is called ‘Born For This: The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business’.

I just handed my chapter in and it’s already in the editing process!

It will be a wonderful compilation of personal stories and advice in all aspects of life.

The book will talk about what success means to each author.

The motto is ‘If I can do it, you can do it!’ [click to continue…]


recent_diagnosis.2It’s time for another TED Talk Tuesday!!!!  Hooray!

So why is sleep so important?

If you asked  me a few years ago and I would’ve said it’s not that important.


“Obviously we need sleep but really, who cares?”

My mindset about sleep has changed quite a bit but I occasionally catch myself thinking old thoughts.

“Sleep is for the weak.”

It always seemed like a waste of time.

My entire life I had rejected the idea of going to sleep. I always felt like I could be doing something more productive. Even worse is that it took me a long time to actually fall asleep. Which just contributed to my idea that being in bed was a waste of time.

If I felt tired I would say “suck it up”.  No one else ever seemed tired.

I like all the different parts of night.  I particularly love 11pm and 4:30am. Being up at those  times feels like magic to me. “But you think I should be sleeping….no way!”

But I’ve changed my view point. Sleep isn’t a waste of time. Sleep is magic! [click to continue…]


gratitudeIn December 2012 my office building caught fire.

It was stressful.

At 8:30 in the morning I arrived at work to see firemen rush into our unit to cover all of our stuff with plastic. My office was untouched by the fire but the water was starting to seep through the ceiling.

I, the receptionist and the doctor whose office I shared, were allowed in to grab what we could carry. We had to get out and stay out until they said when (or if) we could go back, to get the rest of our belongings.

The day was frantic. The evening before, I had been given a cease and deist letter over my business name so my stress level was already high. The day involved cancelling patients, calling the lawyer, figuring out where I could set up a temporary office and quickly going to pack up my stuff.

As I drove round that day taking my stuff from place to place I listened to the radio. Each time I got in the car for my short drive the radio host made a remark about being shocked, horrified or speechless. [click to continue…]


how_to_set_goalsIt’s quite easy for us to just bumble about life going with the flow of whatever comes our way.  At first that doesn’t sound that bad. “Going with the flow” has this relaxed and easy connotation to it. It seems that it would be something to be desired.

Although it’s good to have a relaxed attitude towards life  it’s also true that not everything that comes our way is ideal for us. Not everything needs to be said “yes” to. We don’t always need to “just go with it”. Not everything was sent our way with our best interests in mind. [click to continue…]