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Liana Bakker

3 Key Steps for Accomplishing Your Goals….plus a TED Talk to give you some inspiration!

how_to_set_goalsIt’s quite easy for us to just bumble about life going with the flow of whatever comes our way.  At first that doesn’t sound that bad. “Going with the flow” has this relaxed and easy connotation to it. It seems that it would be something to be desired.

Although it’s good to have a relaxed attitude towards life  it’s also true that not everything that comes our way is ideal for us. Not everything needs to be said “yes” to. We don’t always need to “just go with it”. Not everything was sent our way with our best interests in mind.

So who is in charge of your best interests? YOU. Only you are in charge of your best interests. Only you are in charge of what you say “yes” to.

But here lies the next problem. What should you say yes to? What are your best interests?

In this TED Talk Carrie Green talks about how she built a successful business but hated it.  She became lonely and progressively negative. Then one day she realized that she was the one in charge. She took responsibility for her life and decided to re-program her brain.

Negativity feeds negativity. Negative thoughts just lead you to more of the same. Sometimes you need to snap out of it and realize that you are the only one with the power to change.

Once you are aware that what you achieved isn’t what you want it’s time to take action to make your goals come true.

Here are 3 key steps you need to take before you can start to reach your goals.

1.)The first step in in reaching your goal is to change your negative attitude. To do this you need to call it out. Just notice when you’re doing it. Whenever you say that you can’t do something notice and remind yourself that it’s not true.

2.)The next step in achieving your goals is to actually have goals! It seems obvious but most people don’t have clearly defined goals they’d like to achieve. Sit down and write them out. Cut out pictures and put them on a board.  Write a letter to the universe describing exactly what you want. This set is critical!

3.) The 3rd step is to believe that you can in fact achieve those goals. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities.

It all sounds simple enough but you have to commit to doing this.

Watch the TEDTalk below and find out the simple funeral trick Carrie used to figure out what she wanted!

Have you tried the funeral idea before? If so what was your biggest insight?

Out of the list of 3 which one do you struggle with the most?

What other things could be added to the list?

Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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  • Tracie O'Connell

    I don’t have time to watch the TEDtalk this morning, but I will be watching it after work. I just wanted to say that your second point about having clear goals, writing them down, cutting out pictures, etc., really rings a chord with me. I have such general goals but they are not specific enough and therefore, seem unreachable. I am going to try sitting down with a pad of paper, writing down specific goals and then breaking each goal down into baby steps of how to get there. Great idea! Something I cannot believe I haven’t done…it’s something I’ve told my kids to do a million times through the years when they’ve been overwhelmed! Thank you! Nice start to a brand new day!

    • Thanks Tracie! I find that I often spend a lot of time thinking of my goals and what I want but rarely write them down. Whenever I do write them down, give them a deadline and write a couple supporting goals to move me towards the main goal it comes true virtually ever time! Good luck!

  • Jo-anne Retallick

    I have a girlfriend named Deb who believes, lives and breathes this philosophy. She has always set goals and always reaches them. She is an inspiration to so many of us. Her latest goal was to take her Dad to see to see Tony Bennett in Kelowna. Any other person would not have considered it if you knew his story. She never gave up and his dream of seen Tony with his daughter was fulfilled. Thank you for this reminder that if we set goals, have a plan and follow it through…we can do anything.

    • It’s amazing what we can do if we just sit down and do some work. It doesn’t take long but we need to make tangible, realistic goals with a deadline in order for things to get done. Then you just need a true belief that it will find a way!

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