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Liana Bakker

The Dangers Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

recent_diagnosis.2It’s time for another TED Talk Tuesday!!!!  Hooray!

So why is sleep so important?

If you asked  me a few years ago and I would’ve said it’s not that important.


“Obviously we need sleep but really, who cares?”

My mindset about sleep has changed quite a bit but I occasionally catch myself thinking old thoughts.

“Sleep is for the weak.”

It always seemed like a waste of time.

My entire life I had rejected the idea of going to sleep. I always felt like I could be doing something more productive. Even worse is that it took me a long time to actually fall asleep. Which just contributed to my idea that being in bed was a waste of time.

If I felt tired I would say “suck it up”.  No one else ever seemed tired.

I like all the different parts of night.  I particularly love 11pm and 4:30am. Being up at those  times feels like magic to me. “But you think I should be sleeping….no way!”

But I’ve changed my view point. Sleep isn’t a waste of time. Sleep is magic!

Want to be more productive at work?

Go to sleep!

Want to have better relationships?

Go to sleep!

Want to feel less stressed out and be happier?

Go to sleep!

Want to fight of illness or prevent disease?

Go to sleep!

This might sound a little too good to be true but watch this Ted talk by Dr.Kirk Parsley. You’ll see that I’m not kidding around!

The biggest problem is that we don’t get enough sleep. The second biggest problem is that we think were fine.

Are you guilty of this? …

A month or so ago my friend broke the strongest bone in her body, the femur. An accident caused the upper thigh bone to twist into two separate pieces!

After getting x-rays at the hospital it was obvious that she needed some pretty major surgery.

It was almost midnight by the time she met with her surgeon.

He talked to her about surgical options and they decided on what was best.

Then they discussed when the surgery would happen.  He could do it now…..or he could go to sleep and do it first thing in the morning since there was a low risk of complications from waiting.

How amazing is that!

The old way of thinking would have me saying “what a jerk! Making her wait….pfft” but after watching that TED Talk you can see that making her wait was one of the smartest things he could’ve done!

Leave a comment with your biggest insight from this TED Talk!

What was your biggest take-away? Or the most surprising thing you learned?

I personally would love to sleep the way we did 200 years ago! I think my body and brain would love it! It seems strange to think that our sleeping patterns have changed so much.

Be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Liana xo

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  • Dr Lisa Sulsenti

    I love traveling to countries where businesses take siestas in afternoon or time off to unug from craze of the day. Sleep recharges us. It’s unlplugging, but at the same time recharging!

    • Absolutely! I would love to have little naps during the day. I wish I could do it more often.

  • Liana, LOVED this! Sleep is so important and so often neglected in our efforts to get more done. I wrote about this myself, and I started with a quote I love, “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains.” Here’s to catching more ZZZZs and watching the world change. I am looking foward to watching the TED talk later (but not before bed. Hehe…as we need to decrease our exposure to computer lights).

  • I had a 5 month window of time where dogs were a problem in my neighborhood and I didn’t sleep much. It became apparent to me during the first month why they use sleep deprivation as a torture technique. lol. No lie.
    All joking aside, thank you for sharing this information. I don’t think people consider this topic seriously. Time to change that mindset.

    • You’re welcome! I never took it seriously for a long time either (sometimes I still don’t….) . But I think as a society we need to have a shift where staying up all night isn’t seen as a badge of honor.

  • Great article! I, too, used to think sleep was for the weak and wish I needed less. I’m learning to cherish it, and I’m so glad research supports this!

    • I’m still learning to love sleep more and more. My biggest struggle is getting to bed early enough but it’s so important!

  • Brilliant! I think if there was less pressure on people to keep ‘performing’ – everyone would be much more likely to listen to their bodies and do what’s best for our health. When we really think about it – what does that raise, promotion, goal, or other achievement matter – if you’re too unhealthy to enjoy it?!? I’m a night-owl by nature, but I’ve learned to ‘fight’ those instincts in order to feel my best. I noticed the difference – and it’s SO worth getting into a routine that includes more sleep. In the summer months when my girls are home from school – they tend to sleep in a bit. So – I have my “me-time” in the evenings when everyone is in bed, and I know I get to sleep in too. During the school year – I have to switch things up. I have me-time during the day when they are in school, and I make sure I’m in bed for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. In doing so – I find that I often wake up before my alarm – feeling refreshed, and I’m a lot more productive and alert during the days. I highly recommend that we get radical and get REAL about this, on a national level. Thanks for sharing this enlightening Ted-Talk, Liana!

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