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Liana Bakker

Every Breakdown Leads to a Breakthrough!

breakdownsOn April 16th, which also just happened to be my birthday :), I got to be part of a regular online radio talk show with the insightful Suzanne Hanna.



Our topic of discussion was “Breakdowns Lead to Breakthroughs”.

This was a topic important to me because it was when I was at my worst that I realized that I really clued into the fact that I want to do things differently.

During our discussion one thing that came up for me was that even though you can be incredibly grateful (to be alive, to get diagnosed, to have your family) you can still feel horrible and miserable. In a Venn diagram these items heavily overlap!

Another really interesting line of discussion we took was the idea of non-negotiable tasks. When I was in the thick of it I made a huge list of non-negotiable things. Whenever I become unwell I bring them all back.

Making your health non-negotiable takes the stress out of it. Don’t feel like going for that walk? Doesn’t matter it’s not up for discussion. Not sure if you should go stay later or go home and go to bed? Again, it’s not up for discussion. (I’ve mentioned in a previous post about what happens when I don’t follow them)

My non-negotiables change. And so they should. When I had the bone infection I needed to do different things then when my stomach is upset or when I am perfectly healthy.

Here’s the interview! I was pretty nervous but I think you will enjoy it!

Click Here to listen to me talk with Suzanne Hanna

Let me know if you have any non-negotiable in the comments below.

Be Happy. Be Wealthy. Be Wise.

Liana xo



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