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Liana Bakker

How I Got Rid of My Maxillary Osteomyelitis

This is long but worth the read if you are struggling with osteomyelitis. (25 minutes)

I had maxiallary osteomyletitis but you may find this helpful regardless. I used western medicine but took a lot of my health into my own hands. When you look at the re-occurance rate post -op it is not good. I wanted to avoid those odds. Did I completely? Probably not but I did avaoid having a large piece of face removed which is pretty good in my books.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am definitely not your doctor. Below is a description of a list of things I did and things I wish I would’ve done sooner. It’s what I did under doctor supervision. This should not be taken as advice but as a different experience. Whatever you decide to take from this please consult a medical professional first.

Another thing, I sell one of the products that I mention. I started selling them because of the profound affect they had on me. If you get them through me I would greatly appreciate it but frankly if you don’t I am still happy that you found something that helped you. If you have questions I am more than happy to answer, just send me an email. I will even gladly point you in another direction.

December 2012 – I have a horrible week. My office caught fire, I was given a cease and desist order over my business name and I was in a head on car accident. The stress of everything was incredible.

March 2013– Everything is getting sorted out. I have a new office, I’m pretty much recovered from my car accident and I avoided a lawsuit. But I feel like garbage. The stress has caught up with me and I feel run down all the time.

April 2013– I notice a bump on the roof of my mouth. When I press it with my tongue I feel it in my front left tooth. A year ago that tooth had a bump over it. It was weird but it went away pretty quickly. Plus I had been to the dentist around that time so I didn’t think much about it.

I went to the dentist to get an xray. He told me I needed a root canal. The tooth was really badly infected. He put me on antibiotics.

I saw my naturopathic doctor. He said I should go to his biological dentist in Vancouver. He thought this might be the infection he was talking about.

BACKSTORY-I had a problem with being sick my whole life. When I was 7 I flew off my bike and landed face first. I broke my 2 front teeth and hurt my neck. And I always got sick. Never severely but I was always told I had a weak immune system. I hurt all the time too. My face hurt and my shins killed. I complained for a while but doctors told my parents that there was nothing to find and frankly I just got used to it.

Tonsilitits, laryngitis, bronchoitis, bladder infection, sinus infection, yeast infections, horrible stomach pains, diarrhea, shin pain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, neuraglia, neurtitis, shooting pains in my arms, numbess, nausea in the mornings, painful menstrationand more….it felt like I was always sick. It all had a reasonable explanation though. Coupled with the fact that I had a “weak immune system” it made sense.

I sorted a few of those things out with my naturopathic doctor but he thought I had a bacterial infection that was casuing my immune system to be run down but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.This infection is what he was talking about.

late April 2013-I see the biological dentist and he decides to do a scan of the bones in my face. A few hundred dollars but worth it! The scan shows that it isn’t just above my tooth. It’s above 3 of my teeth, goes half way up to my eye, is across the whole left side of the roof of my mouth and infects a nerve in my face. My body spent all of it’s energy to keep this from spreading that everything else was just falling through the cracks.

He told me I was going to need massive surgery. Remove the infected bone, remove the teeth and get a bone graft. It was going to be long, painful and expensive. I was relieved that something was found but horrified.

When I saw the surgeon a couple weeks later he told me a different story.

What if my body could heal it on its own? The front tooth was definitely infected and needed a root canal but what if I did everything I could to be healthy and we just waited to see what happened. As long as it slowly got better we would just leave it.

Get Healthy? I had had pretty much no advice on what that really meant but I already had some of my own info, I did my own research and checked with my doctors as I went to make sure they were okay with it.

Please note that I am not recommending that you skip western medicine. Antibiotics saved my life but they did not make me well.

…. Here is a list of the things I did for myself in order of their importance to me.          (I will elaborate further down)

Diet changes (clean, no processed food – as in not a drop, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, minimal meat, green juice,bone broth)

Molecular Hydrogen

Hypochlorus acid

Vitamin C (oral and intravenous)


Esstenial oils


Lots of rest

Positive affirmations


Vitamin d


First I followed “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel.
I did it as best as I could. I got a root canal which is a no no in the book but a lot of the principles really helped me. The book takes a look at people of the world that naturally have great teeth and the difference in what they eat. It’s hard to follow for some people (organ meats), me included, but I was motivated since I didn’t want 1/8th of my face removed. My biggest take aways from the book: No processed foods, no sugar or grains, minimal fruit, have homemade bone broth .

(a note on the bone broth…it HAS to be home made. It’s a pain to make but worth it. Some just drink it but I made a vegetable soup/chicken soup with it and would have one cup every day)

After following this for a while I felt I needed a change and should really be having more vegetables.

Kris Carr’s book “ Crazy Sexy Diet” was I life saver. I basically followed it to a tea with the exception of having the bone broth and a little bit of chicken every weeks. This is what helped me the most. It’s a vegan based diet that includes fresh green juice and no processed food. The book is also full of a ton of great self-care tips.

It is very flexible as far as whether you go full on vegan or not. I didn’t but I did go full on with the no processed food. The difference I saw in between no sugar/processed and just a little was big.

Molecular Hydrogen/Hypochlorous acid

One thing I liked about this is that it’s easy. It’s just drinking water, which I do anyway. Probably the easiest thing I added to my life and it had a huge impact.

All of the antibiotics and pain killers gave me horrible gastritis. Some days I would spend all day throwing up. My healing had stalled and my bone didn’t seem to be improving. If that didn’t change soon I would need surgery.
After talking with a friend who also had gastritis he recommended a molecular hydrogen water device.
A device the size of a coffee maker hooks up to the sink and can sit on or under the counter. It filters the water and then it uses electrolysis so that the water becomes filled with antioxidants. The antioxidant is molecular hydrogen (H2)

H2 is the smallest molecule in the world and can get all the way down to the DNA level of our cells. It is helpful in over 150 and conditions. I saw some research sowing improvements for osteoporosis and gastritis. Although I didn’t have osteoporosis I was trying to regrow bone so I thought maybe it would help.

I drank a couple litres at my friend’s house and had relieved from my gastritis for 3 days.
There are also H2 tablets that can be purchased and added to the drinking water which can be helpful for an extra boost but may become expensive over time.

The machine that makes H2 also makes hyochloursous acid. This is a safe but powerful acid that is capable of killing MRSA bacteria.

To make this it is simply the other end of the electrolysis.

I read a couple of other peoples experiences with the hypochlorous acid as mouth wash since it is safe on the skin.
Dentist use a similar product to clean out root canals but it often has chemicals in it.

I bought one of the machines. It was pricey but worth it.

(This is what I sell because it helped me so much)

I drank 2-3 litres molecular hydrogen water every day. I bought a water pik with a reservoir. First I would uses hypochlorous acid and then I would use molecular hydrogen. The acid would kill all the bacteria in my mouth as well as under my gums then I would use the alkaline H2 water to neutralize the acid (any acid will degrade enamel over time). Also, the H2 can pass through the skin and into the blood stream.

A couple months later I had my next check-up. My healing was through the roof! Instead of lagging behind I was now 6 months ahead of schedule. At my next check-up, 6 months after I was a year ahead of schedule!

Although this was quite remarkable I don’t think it’s fair to credit all of my recover with this machine. My diet made a large difference and without having to fight off all the junk that I had been eating this was able to have an effect on my body instead of the crap floating in my blood stream.

Also, now my gastritis rarely bothers me. If I’ve eaten a ton on crappy food I feel sick (of course) and if I add booze to that mix I will flare it up and spend 2 days throwing up. But I can see it coming….for example I don’t do well on a mild Las Vegas weekend but regular life is fine even if I am not following my Kris Carr diet.

Vitamin C 

While I was on the antibiotics I was also on intravenous Vitamin C from my Naturpathic doctor. Once a week I would have a syringe of Vitamin C and a syringe of glutathione put directly into my veins.

It helped a lot. If I didn’t do that I would have probably had to go on IV antibiotics instead of oral. I did this for 6 weeks. After that I followed an oral vitamin C protocol. I would have liked to continue the IV therapy but since it was through my Naturopathic doctor I have to pay out of pocket and I was starting to have a hard time paying for everything.

I had watched the documentary “Food Matters” (which I highly recommend) during which Dr. Andrew Saul spoke about orthomolecular medicine. I looked it up and it’s about treating conditions with high concentrations of vitamins.

Everyone would always say…”Your body can only absorb so much, you just pee out the rest….”
Your body can only absorb so much……It does that in your intestines…..If you’re able to pee it out it means that you did, in fact, absorb it!

You’re cells can only use so much though….(which you will still pee out by the way) but just because it didn’t go into your cells doesn’t mean that it didn’t help you. The high levels of vitamin C can kill bacteria in your blood.

But you have to take a lot! A lot more than what’s in a regular daily multivitamin.

First you need to find what is called your bowel tolerable level. Basically it’s how much your intestines can absorb. If you take more than your intestines can absorb you will have horrible diarrhea!

When you are in need of more vitamin C your body will absorb more. So, when you are sick you will be able to take in more than when you are not sick. Start slow and work your way up and don’t take more than a couple grams every hour.

I would take 2grams every waking hour. That’s almost 30 tablets a day! I started after the 6 weeks of IV therapy. I did this pretty consistently for 3 months and then I only did it when I thought I might catch a cold or something.

Check out this website for more info. Make sure to follow the instruction and to do your research. They may be “just vitamins” but they can have a major effect on your body (good or bad). Remember it can affect prescription medication and you should mention this with your health care practioner.


The capsules are expensive! So I painstakingly made my own. By some good quality turmeric at the health food store where you can also get some vegetable capsules. Fill them up!

I took 2 in the morning and 2 at dinner. Do your research and decide what’s best for you.
There are studies that show that turmeric has a component called curcumin. It can be helpful with inflammation and with infection.

Essential Oils

Although I was also regularly taking oregano oil through this whole thing I didn’t really get into the full spectrum of essential oils until the end of my healing journey, which is too bad because I think that it could’ve helped me a lot.
DoTerra (as well as other brands) make good quality oils that are safe for ingestion.

I bought a pack called the “Family Physician’s Kit”. It has 10 different oils (some blended) that you can mix and use for your health.

I still use it whenever I feel a cold coming on. I would mix together frankincense, oregano oil, peppermint, lavender, lemon, melaluca and a blend called On Guard in a small roller bottle with a little bit of fractionated coconut oil and roll in on my body like crazy. You can’t OD on it but you have to dilute it a bit or it could burn you so use caution before you coat your body in it.

I can’t tell you how much I wish I would’ve had these from the second I got diagnosed.


You gut health is so important to your immune system. And since I was on antibiotics I needed to get it back it into shape. I took probiotics opposite from when I took my antibiotics and after I was finished with the antibiotics I took them twice a day.


I needed so much rest. The antibiotics made me feel really crappy. And even after that I was still tired all the time.Once the infection is gone your body still has to work to keep your immune system up and has to remodel areas of injured bone.

It was very difficult for me because I was the breadwinner and was self-employed meaning time off= no money. I went into major debt because I couldn’t work full time anymore and because of the costs for all my therapies.

Even if you’re not sleeping you need rest. Don’t try to train for a marathon and heal at the same time. It’s important to exercise but it’s not a time to push yourself. It’s a time to say that you deserve to recover. Think walking.

Don’t over work either. You can get more money once you’re better. If you don’t let yourself heal now you will just get worse and worse and then you will never end up back to work. Your health is the most important asset and if you’re not careful and it goes too far you will never get it back.

I spent 9 hours in bed every night, had a 1 hour nap/rest in the afternoon and had at least a few hours of downtime every day. I only worked part-time to keep the roof over my head. It went this way for 5 months and then I slightly increased my work load. Even now I do not push myself to work more than I can. I am lucky to have the ability to arrange my schedule (although it means no paid time off) so I take 1 week off every 2 months just to give myself rest.

All of this healthy stuff will be for not if you try to maintain a fast paced or party lifestyle.

The only all nighters I can pull now are on the couch watching Netflix.

Positive affirmations

If you can’t even believe in the possibility of getting better than how do you expect to get better?

I don’t think you can.

Well, maybe you can but I sure can’t.

I like to sit somewhere quiet and think of all the wonderful things my body can do in its ideal condition.

Just say everything in positive terms, never negative ones.

“My bones are strong and healthy. My blood flows freely through my smooth blood vessels. My mind is calm and centered. My muscles are relaxed. The fluid in my joints is doing a great job at lubricating the joints. I feel good and at ease.”

…is a lot better than…

“The infection isn’t in my bones anymore. My arteries don’t have clogs in them. I’m not stressed out or anxious anymore. My muscles are free from tension. My arthritis is going away. I’m painfree.”

You’re brain focuses on the pictures we create in our minds. It’s the whole “Don’t think of a pink elephant.” thing.

To think “the infection is gone” you have to think of the infection.

First you think of it and then you have to try to stop. That’s why you’re affirmations should be a time to focus on the good things.

Are the bad things there? Yup

Are you going to think of them? You bet!

But try to take some time in your day to turn things around.


If you are super stressed then how are you going to heal? Cortisol does a number on your immune system. It’s hard not to be stressed when you have a bone infection. You’re in pain, scared, broke, about to be fired, tired. Life feels like it’s taking a dump on you.

Get a free copy of my book“67 Way To Help You Get” . I have a section on mediation. You could also do something quiet that focuses attention like knitting or coloring if you just can’t get on the meditation train.
If your system is on fight or flight than you will have a more difficult time recovering.

Vitamin D

Did I notice a specific difference from taking this? No, but I did my research and believe that taking it is critical for my health. I live further North than most and work indoors which limits the vitamin D I get from the sun. Do your research and decide with your doctor.

So if I could go back…..what would my ideal day look like in my recovery? Knowing what I know now what would I do if I was in the exact same situation?

9:00am wake-up, set intentions for the day (that it’s going to be a good day, say what I am grateful for, lemon with cup of alkaline molecular hydrogen water. Sip on 2-3 litres of molecular hydrogen water all day.

Fresh green juice (cucumber, apple, orange, lemon, lime, kale, celery, ginger)

oats with coconut milk, walnuts, berries. cup of green tea.

Take my vitamins (vitamin C-1-2 every hour, probiotic, vitamin D, B vitamins, turmeric, fish oil, calcium, immune boosters from naturopath, Skin essential oil roller)

Gentle stretching or short walk

Apple with almond butter

Get ready for work

brush teeth with natural toothpaste and an extra soft brush. Water pic with hypochlorous acid and then H2 water

Neti pot (3x/week)

Work 1pm -3:00

lunch -Homemade hummus with carrots, cucumber.

small salad with homemade dressing with homemade falafels.

Nap for 60minutes

5pm-7pm work

Fresh green juice ( I normally make 1 large batch in the morning and save half for later)

Homemade organic bone broth made into chicken vegetable soup. Rye cracker.

tomato, cucumber, spinach salad with olives and olive oil, apple cider vinegar and fresh herbs.

Do 1 important chore

Berry smoothie (frozen berries blended with coconut water and coconut oil )

Vitamins again

Downtime 9-11pm

Shower. dry skin brushing (3x/week) Apply cocnut oil as lotion and use essential oil roller

Brush teeth and follow the water pic routine.

Oil pulling with coconut oil


Get ready for bed

Meditation for just a few minutes

Write out all of my positive affirmations.

Write out everything I am going to do the next day in detail (so I don’t have to worry about what needs to be done)

Read something motivational

Fall asleep.

2 days/ week no work at all

1x/week hour long mediation/positive affirmation session/gentle yoga/calm nature walk

Positive affirmations throughout day to shut off nonsense thoughts…..Literally every time you say something overlynegative see if you can find a way to adjust the thought to be less harsh or a bit kinder, put it in a different light or at least say one little thing you’re grateful for in addition to the crappy thing.

1x/week intravenous vitamin C

Now… that’s definitely not how it went!

It took me time to discover all this stuff and how to do it. And I was broke as hell so I regularly worked more than I my body could handle.

I would also give in and eat junk from time to time flaring up my gastritis.

For my diet I combined info I got from the two books. I love Kris Carr’s book but I think that when you are trying to re-grown your bones (which you’re doing when recovering from a bone infection) you need some animal products. I ate a lot of high fat organic dairy to start as well as the bone broth but felt that with proper vegetable nutrition the dairy could be dropped and the meat reduced.

For info on the molecular hydrogen/ hypoclorous acid machine have a look at this link and then send me a message.
for more info on the research and health benefits of molecular hydrogen visit http://www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org/

Tyler is the researcher and he has no association with the product I sell. He is just passionate about spreading information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen and looking into it’s potential for treating disease.

www.echoh2water.com is the website for the product I sell but it’s not my website. You cannot buy the product off the website. You have to purchase through a sales agent, meaning me.

You can also look at my website www.vacationhydration.com This is still under construction and focuses more on the filtration system in areas where the water is of poor quality but it still has info that might be relevant for you.
Another reason I love this machine is that it is really easy to do this. I drink water all day everyday anyways. Now, I just drink this water. It’s an easy switch that gives me billions of antioxidants.

Essential oils- I also sell DoTerra. Well not really but I have signed up for it because it gets me a better deal on my oils. You can go to my website here www.mydoterra.com/lianabakker or just send me a message and I will have Sarah-Jane (My oil gal) get in touch with you. Although I love these oils this isn’t my passion. Sarah-Jane has an abundance of knowledge and is wonderful to work with.

I hope this info helps you! It may not help you the same way it did me but it may make your recovery easier if you did have surgey.

Of course I am still at risk for developing this again. Osteomyelitis seems to have a relatively high re-occurrence rate. I will likely have to have those teeth removed some day as the infection damages the ligaments that holds the teeth in place and because the bone will be prone to infection.

Although, I have all this wonderful info I don’t always follow it but as soon as I feel my mouth ache I switch things up for a few days to get things back on track.

*Reminder AGAIN: I am not a doctor. You and you’re doctor should be making healthcare decision for you, not some person online. If this information inspires you to make changes please do your own research and speak with a health care professional.

If you have questions for me just ask!

You can also enter your email address below. You will receive my free ebook “67 Ways To Help You Get Happy” and email updates from my website.


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