Liana Bakker


Is this website for you?

Are you looking for a supportive community that focuses on the positive?

Are you looking to find other people that are going through similar situations to you?

Are you looking for motivation to change your life for the better?

Improve mentally, physically, spiritually and financially?
Are you looking for education, information and products that might help you in your journey?
If your answer is “YES” then you’re in the right place.

These are my goals for this site….
To uses stories and cheekiness to help people (myself included) heal on levels of all sorts!
To spread information and products that assist in the journey.
To help people and charities get their stories out into the world!

This is more than just seeing the silver lining. It’s about realizing what’s truly important in life. It’s about finding others who have been where we are and finding comfort in each others experiences. It’s about seeing that there are others around you swimming upstream. It’s about looking where you have come from and celebrating.
I was in a sticky health and wealth situation for a bit. I am still washing off the gooey residue. I aim to share my story and the story of others in order to help people. I aim to share products and resources that helped me in order to help others.
I have created a list of 5 things that I learned about healing while going through this mess.

“Health Problems for Years and Now You’re Diagnosed? (…or maybe not). Here’s my 5 to making your diagnosis count.”
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My personal life goals:
To live the life I dream about
To be a life long learner
To to be better today than I was yesterday

To show that business and helping people can be the same thing

To bring abundance into my life by helping butt loads of people…. the whole person….not just their butt…


It’s story time!

Liana talks about being an entrepreneur. So, what does she do anyways? Check out her business here

Liana is also a Registered Massage Therapist form British Columbia and has treated over 1000 people from a variety of situations. She is also a Doula (birth coach) that has been able to be part of the birth story for 10 different families. For a year she taught a first year anatomy course at local college.

Some of education Liana has gained through these experiences is what she aims to share with you. She is fascinated with anatomy as well as neurobiology and the effects our hormones have on our brain.

Liana has taken the 2nd level of Reiki and is a little bit of a “woo” girl. She has a bit of a spiritual practice that she uses to calm her mind and find her centre. She practices yoga regularly ever since she found that it stopped her anxiety attacks and banished her headaches.

Liana loves movement. Movement of all kinds. She believes movement is important for healing and through her life has participated in a large variety of sports or activities. Those include softball, wrestling, soccer, volleyball, basketball, theatre (dancing, prancing, singing, acting), kickboxing (and not just tae-bo), dance class, yoga (restorative, vinyasa, yin/yang, astanga, bikram), gym stuff and flailing around like a freshly birthed gazel pretending she’s auditioning a contemporary piece for “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Liana loves being her own boss. She took part in Marie Forleo‘s B-School to up her game. She also loves sharing business tips because often through self employment one can find their passion.

She has also experienced a bit of a mountain of her own. This series of unfortunate events caused her to realize that the life she had built was not the one she wanted!

Stress, anxiety, injury, illness and lack of funds took over her life for about a year.

She has recovered and is now enjoying life more than ever. She wants to share with you the things she discovered about herself and about life.

She wants to share the information that helped her so that it can help you!

She has created a list of 5 tips that will help you to help yourself through illness, injury and diagnoses.

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