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Liana Bakker

Turn Big Obstacles into Small Bumps


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This is a story written by Denise. After a 2 year old helped her realise that she could be eating better she started on a journey of healthy living. Health issues began to surface up and she began to dig deeper and deeper. Looking into the depths of the food industry and medical system.  Continue on to read the rest of her story and how she changed her life. [click to continue…]


When you’re feeling blue it’s easy to focus on the negative, however by simply focusing on just a couple things you’re grateful for you can start to feel happier.

How easy is that?!

At first it might be hard for you. You might be feeling so down that you can’t even think of anything to be grateful for. I promise you that it will get easier. [click to continue…]


TED Talk Tuesday!

I love this TED Talk!

Michael Neill poses the question “Why aren’t we awesomer?”

It’s a good question. I’ve asked this about myself many times. I really do believe that anyone can accomplish even the most seemingly ridiculous goals. So why don’t I ? Why aren’t I doing crazy cool stuff all the time?

Apparently….it’s just a simple misunderstanding….

Leave me a comment below with what you think!




So here is the first story….And it’s mine! Well part of it at least ……

Name:  Liana Bakker

Job: Entrepreneur, Registered Massage Therapist (Read more all about me here)

Education/Training: 3000 hour massage therapy diploma, Doula training, RHH B-school

Where’s home: Suburb of the suburb of Vancouver Canada

I had been practicing as a Massage Therapist for 5 years and business was booming. I decided to build a practice on my own so that I had as much freedom as I wanted. It was a lot of work but it was paying off. I was teaching anatomy at a local Massage College, teaching infant massage classes to new moms and dads to promote bonding with their babies and helping pregnant woman as a Doula (birth coach). I was incredibly busy. But busy doesn’t mean happy. I was sick. All. The. Time. Throat, eye, mouth, lung, bladder infections. Scrapes took forever to heal. Pain…. all over the place. I always had something. But every time I went to the doctor or a specialist I was deemed healthier than average. I just assumed that I was weak. Besides feeling like crap all the time I didn’t have a particular reason to be unhappy. I had a wonderful family, great boyfriend, we recently bought an apartment, I had gotten a new car a couple years before and had just gotten back from a trip to Holland to visit extended family. It felt like I had all of this great stuff but I didn’t really want any of it. I would tell someone about things I was up to and they’d they would say “Wow! That’s so great”. All I would think was “Is it? I guess so…” [click to continue…]


It’s the first TED talk Tuesday!

This is where I post TED talks that help my mind, body and soul!….or bank account.

This one is about stress. And how it’s soooo bad for you.

Or is it?

What if our beliefs about stress are worse than the stress itself?

Kelly McGonigal is a health physiologist. She was blown away by the results of a study that showed what she had been telling people for the past ten years was wrong! The results blew me away too. And now I’ve changed my opinion. My new belief has me feeling better. What about you?

Watch this and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!


Great Talk Kelly!!! Thanks for sharing your insight!

Check out more from this super smart lady right here

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