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Molecular Hydrogen

Echo Water Filtration System


On or under the counter the Echo 9 Water Ionizer not only filters your water in a nine step system is uses 9 ionizer plates to fill your water with billions of antioxidants.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-28-at-10.44.38-PMThis is a great for those concerned with their health or the safety of their water.

The antioxidant is molecular Hydrogen. The smallest molecule in the world. It can get down to the mitochondrial level affecting our DNA.

Research has shown positive results in over 150 different illnesses. It has been shown to be very safe and more research is regularly being done.

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DoTerra makes wonderful essential oils and other health products. The plants they choose to use in the products  locally sourced so that they can be of the highest quality. They work with the local communities to create job opportunities as well as great products.

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Born For This! The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business

cover art 1This book is a tribute to everyone who has tried and failed. It is a compilation from 30 authors from all over the world including Liana Bakker. This is a great book for any that is looking for some inspiration on their way to the top. A great gift for employees.

“Failure should be our teacher, not undertaker.”- Denis Waitley

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